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VAJI7RJ7VVEmbedded Sametime with SPNEGO crashes/hangs on reconnection to network.
HDAN7S7P8AAwareness issue in inbox due to overlapping names space.
JPAS7PRJMDSametime embedded in Notes 8.5 does not have the option to "Set dialog as default" and only the window size is saved when a user adjusts the size and...
JPAS7PVTT3Add INI settings for "Return to previous status when activity is resumed" & "Use tabbed windows for multiple chats"
HDAN7X9R9EPrior to this fix, Single Sign On Cluster Failover was not working. This regression was introduced in 8.5.
JLII7XS2SGFixed a problem where if two different pictures were uploaded to Sametime and Connections and the Connections business card was used in Sametime, ...
JPAS7XUJ2XInitiating a click-to-call from Notes 8.5.1 using embedded ST client results in Toolbar dialpad tasks adding up in the Progress tab. This problem...
MLAT7YTVEJSametime Unified Telephony (SUT) Notes code will now work on the Linux platform. The accessibility aspect of SUT will not work on the Linux platform...
HDAN7VZMJ8Prior to this fix, when a chat window was disabled due to a failure to establish an IM session, it would remain disabled, even if later on the...
SHET7X7NWHMac OS X 10.6: On Mac, when sending 40 or more emoticon icons (the file should be gif), the Mac experiences a crash.
CHYD7UFS2LFixed a problem where Chat Room updates would not work if two chat rooms were opened and one closed.
CHYD7UFNWDFixed a problem which occurred after disconnecting from the network and re-logging into Sametime, where the chatroom would not become...
AROL7U7TZRSpell check failed to correct multiple wrong words when using the right click menu.
MEWE7WCKBFUnable to type "6" into Quick Find when using the French keyboard.
TPAE7R6JFYFixed a problem where a chat window could not be closed after calling a busy phone line.
MMDT7CXU3SFixed a problem where the last chat time was not recorded in a clean contact list correctly.
TPAE7U8QFFSDK sample telephonystatus.update. Prior to this fix, the an incorrect icon was displayed for Available and Unknown.
JSIU7V2JMSThis fix allows fallback to password if the token was empty.
SLEE7VJNBEThis fix will drop the Sametime internal id in the Quickfind after converting from Domino to Domino LDAP.
MSUN7V2JW7Prior to this fix, the Video Full Screen button and menu item were not in sync.
JJMM7W65GUFixed a problem where users could not enter a Chat Room from the Manage Chat Room page.
JMCY7LY3EXFixed a problem where Quickr link was lost in an NWay Chat using the Quickr Sideshelf.
JLII7QG5LXUIM now supports https connections in the WebAPI .
DTUL7U8M47This fix includes Streflector SA version information in the sametime.log.
BTRY7PRRNCThis fix was a modification to how the chat transcript is written to disk, reducing both CPU and IO utilization.


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